Hi All,
I've got a couple questions that have come up about how Cassandra works and what others are seeing in their environments.  Here goes:

1.) What have you found to be the best ratio of Cassandra row cache to memory free on the system for filesystem cache?  Are you tuning it like an RDBMS so Cassandra has the vast majority of the RAM in the system or are you letting the filesystem cache do some of the work?

2.) Is the Cassandra cache write-through (ie are new records held in the row cache as they're written to disk?

3.) When using the random partitioner how much difference should be expected (or has been observed) between nodes?  2%? 10%?

3.5) Can a load balance be expected to bring the data distribution pretty close to even among all nodes in the ring?  Is the correct process for a loadbalance to run the loadbalance operation on each node in the ring?

Thanks!  I'm curious to hear what other's have observed.