Hi all

Nowadays I'm using Cassandra DB under high read/write loads.

I have two questions:

First, Cassandra suddenly dies during compaction. Java core dump says that the last thread run was  "COMPACTION-POOL:1".
I suspect that my business logic could lead size of columns in a column family per a row to be greater than two gigabytes. (but i couldn't confirm it yet)
Can this be a cause of the server down and is there any solution? (should I wait 0.7?)

Second, It seems that my client program often get UnavailableException from Cassandra when Cass is running in normal.
Is it possible to get such an exception in high read/write loads even if Cassandra is up?
I handled this to try to send client's request again after 1 sec, like handling TimedOutException. Is there any other recommended reaction?

Thanks in advance.