Thanks for the suggestion.

I've somewhat understand all that, the point where my head begins to explode is when I want to figure out something like

Continuing with your example: "Over the last X amount of days give me all the logs for remote_addr:XXX".
I'm guessing I would need to create a separate index ColumnFamily???

On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Thomas Heller <> wrote:

thought I jump in here. I did something similar, meaning I had lots of
items coming in per day and wanted to somehow partition them to avoid
running into the column limit (it was also logging related). Solution
was pretty simple, log data is immutable, so no SuperColumn needed.

ColumnFamily Standard: LogRecords, CompareWith=TimeUUIDType

Row Key "20100806":
 Column Name: Value: JSON({'remote_addr':...,
'user_agent':...., 'url':....)
 ..., more Columns

In my case I chose to "partition" by day, if you are getting too many
columns per day, just get hours in there. If you want an extra
seperation level (foo, bar) in your example you could either go for a
SuperColumn or just adjust your row key accordingly (eg.