Thanks for the reply,
Issue resolved,   thift  site-packages/thrift/transport/  not in proper path.
I have updated Python PATH , worked without any issues.

From: Peter Schuller <>
Sent: Wed, August 4, 2010 6:51:53 PM
Subject: Re:

> After I add the thift libs to CLASS_PATH , it's failing with following
> error.
> / line 21: have_multiproc: command not found
> ./ line 22: try:: command not found

And that sounds like is being run by a shell rather than by
Python. Not sure how that happened since has a proper
shebang, including in cassandra 0.6.3.

Are you running it with 'python'? Is this an old cassandra that maybe
didn't have a shebang in it's py_stress (I don't know, grasping at

/ Peter Schuller