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From Rui Silva <>
Subject Cassandra Usage on smaller projects
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 15:01:10 GMT
Hi all,

first of all, I have read the Cassandra Hardware requirements page on
Cassandra wiki: .

I am currently in a simple project that, fetches data from a message
broker. That data can be thought as logging data, about a system user
usage. I need to have a background process to read the data from the
message broker and persist it somewhere. The data I want to persist,
could be stored in a single SQL table, however there is no data to
relate, therefor, I thought I would not need a Relational database
approach. I have been trying Cassandra, and have write the background
process to store all my data, in 3 column families, ordered by timeuuid,
that could be handy for some analysis:).

I have read some articles/case studies and all of them talk about the
need to support thousands of writes per second. Well in my case I would
only need about 10 writes per second in the worst case scenario. Do I
really need to have 16 GB RAM servers running Cassandra?

I have two servers, with 4 cpu (2 cores each cpu). And about 4 GB of RAM
each. I was planing on deploying a cassandra node on each, and an apache
web server, to host a simple web application, that will query my
cassandra cluster and use the data stored to present graphs and tables
(statistical information).

Do you think I may get into trouble with this design choice in the future?

Best Regards,

Rui Silva

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