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From Thorvaldsson Justus <>
Subject SV: how to retrieve data from supercolumns by phpcassa ?
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 06:53:58 GMT
I don't use php so I don't know the method but
ColumnOrSuperColumn get(string keyspace, string key, ColumnPath column_path, ConsistencyLevel

Get the Column or SuperColumn at the given column_path. If no value is present, NotFoundException
is thrown. (This is the only method that can throw an exception under non-failure conditions.)
So don't use get if you want to specify a super column.

list<ColumnOrSuperColumn> get_slice(string keyspace, string key, ColumnParent column_parent,
SlicePredicate predicate, ConsistencyLevel consistency_level)
Get the group of columns contained by column_parent (either a ColumnFamily name or a ColumnFamily/SuperColumn
name pair) specified by the given SlicePredicate struct."

Is one way to do what you want. How this works in php I don't know but should be similar.


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Skickat: den 12 augusti 2010 15:49
Ämne: how to retrieve data from supercolumns by phpcassa ?

Hi all,

I've got cassandra superlcolumn looking like that:

<ColumnFamily Name="users" CompareWith="TimeUUIDType"
ColumnType="Super" CompareSubcolumnsWith="BytesType" />

now in this columnfamily I've inserted something like that:

["client"] => array(1) {
    array(3) {
      string(10) "1281618279"
      string(8) "blablabla"
      string(6) "myname"


my question is, how to get from "client" this one "2a3909c0-a612-11df-
b27e-346336336631" column? I was tryin to get->('client', '2a3909c0-
a612-11df-b27e-346336336631') - but with no results... maybe I should
convert this "2a3909c0-a612-11df-b27e-346336336631" somehow before I
put it to get() ?

or maybe I'm thinking wrong way...

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