Hi, we are trying to set up intergation testing for Cassanrda, so we need to run and stop it as embeded service. Don't have any problem to start cassandra:

import org.apache.cassandra.contrib.utils.service.CassandraServiceDataCleaner;

class SomeTestClass {

    public void setup() throws TTransportException, IOException, InterruptedException {
        // make a tmp dir and copy storag-conf.xml and log4j.properties to it
        copy("/storage-conf.xml", TMP);
        copy("/log4j.properties", TMP);
        System.setProperty("storage-config", TMP);

        cassandra = new EmbeddedCassandraService();
        t = new Thread(cassandra);
But this is real problem to stop it, even if you execute t.stop() all other threads started up internally still alive. Is there are any way to force cassandra to stop? Maybe invoke some internal cassandra api function or anything. Thanks.