So the bloom filters reside in memory completely?
We do have a lot of small values, hundreds of millions of columns in a columnfamily.
I count the total size of *-Filter.db files in my keyspace, it's 436,747,815bytes.
I guess this means it won't consume a major part of 10g heap space


发件人: Peter Schuller
发送时间: 2010-07-20  21:45:08
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主题: Re: What is consuming the heap?
> heap size is 10G and the load of data per node was around 300G, 16-core CPU,
Are the 300 GB made up of *really* small values? Per SS table bloom
filters do consume memory, but you'd have to have a *lot* of *really*
small values for a 300 GB database to cause bloom filters to be a
significant part of a 10 GB h eap.
/ Peter Schuller