Did you start the repair on all nodes at once or one at a time ?

Take a look at the streams on the nodes, using either

nodetool -h localhost -p 8080 streams

Or the JMX interface. Check if the numbers are changing.


On 28 Jul, 2010,at 08:14 AM, Michael Andreasen <vent2200@gmail.com> wrote:

I've started repair on 6 nodes some 7-8 hours ago

The nodes still have load of 2-3 (normally 0.5) and if i grep AE in system.log i get lines like this on most of the nodes

   Performing streaming repair of 30 ranges to / for ........

Load is 400-500gb on the nodes.

Any word of advise on this one, should i just wait or do you think its failed?