Cassandra has dependencies on Google-collections, and as stated in the Google-collections official site, it has been deprecated, and replaced by its super set Guava.


Is there any plan to replace the dependencies from Google-collections to guava?


Here are some lines from Google-collections site:

1.        It is a fully compatible, proper superset of the old Google Collections Library.

2.       It also includes six months worth of bug fixes, doc fixes, and performance fixes.

3.       If your application ever ends up with both google-collect-1.0.jar and guava-r##.jar on the same classpath, simply remove the Google Collections JAR and you should be fine.


Here are some more thoughts:

1.       It may cause all project depends on Cassandra to migrate to the new Guava library

2.       Guava as a library (other than functionality copied from Google-collections) are not stable. “All APIs marked @Beta at the class or method level are subject to change.”

3.       Guava is much bigger, 2.5MB compare with Google-collections 625KB.


I guess move to Guava could be a good one.