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From Samuru Jackson <>
Subject Performance Issues
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:22:29 GMT

I have set up a ring with a couple of servers and wanted to run some
stress tests.

Unfortunately, there is some kind of bottleneck at the client side.
I'm using Hector and Cassandra 0.6.1.

The subsequent profile results are based on a small Java program that
inserts sequentially records, with a couple of columns, into Cassandra
(no-multithreading or something that increases the stress). The nodes
are not too busy while inserting the records (approx. 20%-25% CPU

Log-Level is on Info and I don't see any exception flying around. The
client has also registered all available node IPs.

According to my Profiler
consumes ~86% of the execution time and further down the hierarchy the
method executeAndSetResult(org.apache.cassandra.thrift.Cassandra$Client)
ist responsible for ~73%.

I'm inserting the columns one-by-one is such way:

ColumnPath cp = new ColumnPath(colFamilyName);
keySpace.insert(key, cp, value.getBytes());

Can anyone point me out in what I could look into to resolve this issue?


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