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From Pieter Maes <>
Subject Script 'hangs' when i stop 1 cassandra node (of 4 nodes)
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2010 14:03:05 GMT

I'm currently using Cassandra 0.6.3 with php thrift (svn r959516) in the
phpcassa wrapper (last git + a fix of mine that fixes strange
timeouts..). (yeah i use php, don't shoot me for it)
(i also mailed that mailing list, but no answer yet from there)

When i was running my migration script 1 php script that fetches data
from mySQL to add it to Cassandra. (first checks if data exists before
each insert)

When i stop 1 of the 4 nodes (replication factor 3)
the script just hangs..
i don't get any exceptions or timeouts..

anyone any idea?
or how i can debug this? (bug very easy to replicate)

Best regards
Pieter Maes

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