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From Pieter Maes <>
Subject Re: TSocket: Could not write 85 bytes -exception on some get_column calls
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2010 09:05:04 GMT
 I'm having a simmular problem, but i get verry random read problems 4
bytes timouts. (mailed before about this)

The only fix i got/found was, switch to framed transport instead of
buffered transport,
but i still have the same problem (less frequent)

running debian packaged cassandra (0.6.1)
with phpcassa lib (using thrift)

I have it localhost and external host, so network/switching is not the
I'm afraid there is still something wrong with php thrift.. (even after

PS. i see there is 0.6.3 now available for debian, I'll test that version..
like you said you don't have the issue on 0.6.3 it might be fixed there..

Pieter Maes

Op 6/07/10 10:14, Juho Mäkinen schreef:
> I'm having a strange problem when some of get_column and get_slice calls
> fails to "TSocket: Could not write 85 bytes" exception.
> The problem appears on some but not all calls to get_column and also
> some times to other calls.
> I'm using 0.6.3 on a single host (it's a development installation) but
> the problem appeared on 0.6.1. The client side is done with php using
> the thrift api.
> I've turned on TRACE level debugging on the cassandra server and the requests
> which doesn't fail produce this kind of debug to the logs:
> DEBUG [pool-1-thread-4] 2010-07-06 11:12:23,438
> (line 266) get
> DEBUG [ROW-READ-STAGE:2] 2010-07-06 11:12:23,439
> (line 755) weakreadlocal reading SliceByNamesReadCommand(table='ig',
> key='2249', columnParent='QueryPath(columnFamilyName='TalkLastMessages',
> superColumnName='null', columnName='null')', columns=[2582837,])
> But the requests which fails to the TSocket: Could not write 85 bytes -exception
> doesn't print anything to the logs. I'm doing the same request all the
> time with same
> parameters.
> How I should debug this issue? All ideas and tips are greatly appreciated.
>  - Juho Mäkinen

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