How can I get 16 bytes timeUUID ?

string(36) "4698cc00-6d2f-11df-8c7f-9f342400a648" TException: UUIDs must be exactly 16 bytes Error:

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 5:59 PM, Olivier Rosello <> wrote:
Here is my test code :

ColumnPath new_col;
new_col.__isset.column = true; /* this is required! */
client.insert("MyKeyspace", "somekey", new_col, "Random Value", time(NULL), ONE);

I didn't found in the C++ Cassandra/Thrift API how to specify TimeUUID bytes (16) to the column name. The ColumnPath type get only a string field for the name "column".

With a String like this example shows, the TimeUUID is a 36 chars String and this code throws a Exception "UUIDs must be exactly 16 bytes".

I didn't found a function like "client.insert_timeuuid_column" which convert the column name to an uint8_t[16]... or anything else which could help me.




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