Hi, Experts,


I am using 2 nodes of  Cassandra cluster. I am doing a loading test (one conenct, try to insert and select many postes into a discussion tree).


I need your help:

1) I found this: the 2 node is slower (30%) than one node in both of write and select. Is this normal? (In theory, 2 nodes should be faster than one?). I monitroing the 2 nodes and found tehy are working and flush often (so, 2 nodes works)


Is this depending on the threads? Cassandra cluster is only faster for multi-threads as loading balance? (Oracle RAC is slower than single node...)

Is there any configration I need to do for the performance?


2)I am using Java. When I connect to  nodes of  Cassandra cluster, I am using one node's IP address as connection. Is this OK? Should I use the cluster name (Like Oracle RAC)?


Thanks a lot for your help