Thanks Gary, I’m looking at that plug-in feature at the moment but there seems to be very little documentation on how to use it.


From the Application point of view though we are still trying to model the process flows based on our technological approach. Mainly due to the fact that we need real time processing at the application layer over 2 or more sites at least 1000km apart and we are finding RDBMS to be too slow for the volumes we are trying to achieve.


We want to move any relational database access off the application and have, for example, Cassandra transferring whatever information to an underlying database/LDAP/FileSystem once we reach a final commit point – ultimately Cassandra being a distributed database it’s going to be used more for a cache or our database. As I said this process depends on which sync protocol we decide on (messaging, clustering, cloud, etc).





From: Gary Dusbabek []
Sent: Thursday, 17 June 2010 2:20 AM
Subject: Re: Some questions about using Cassandra


On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 19:49, Anthony Ikeda <> wrote:

Is there any concept of Listeners such that when data is added to Cassandra we can fire off another process to do something with that data? E.g. create a copy in a secondary database for Business Intelligence reports? Send the data to an LDAP server?

 Typically, this is the kind of thing that gets handled at the application level (your application).  There is a feature request for it though.



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