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From Mishail <>
Subject Re: Deletion and batch_mutate
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 09:09:48 GMT
Take a look at

On 22.06.2010 19:00, Ron wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm a new user of Cassandra, and during my tests, I've encountered a
> problem with deleting rows from CFs.
> I use Cassandra 0.6.2 and coding in Java, using the native Java Thrift API.
> The way my application works, I need to delete multiple rows at a time
> (just like reads and writes).
> Obviously, in terms of performance, I'd rather use batch_mutate and
> delete several rows and not issue a remove command on each and every row.
> So far, all attempts doing so have failed.
> The following command configurations have been tested:
>    1. Deletion, without a Supercolumn or SlicePredicate set. I get this
>       error: InvalidRequestException(why:A Deletion must have a
>       SuperColumn, a SlicePredicate or both.)
>    2. Deletion, with a SlicePredicate set. The SlicePredicate is without
>       column names or SliceRange set. I get this error:
>       InvalidRequestException(why:A SlicePredicate must be given a list
>       of Columns, a SliceRange, or both)
>    3. Deletion, with a SlicePredicate set. The SlicePredicate is set
>       with SliceRange. The SliceRange is set with empty start and finish
>       values. I get this error: InvalidRequestException(why:Deletion
>       does not yet support SliceRange predicates.)
> At this point I'm left with no other alternatives (since I want to
> delete a whole row and not specific columns/supercolumns within a row).
> Using the remove command in a loop has serious implications in terms of
> performance.
> Is there any solution for this problems?
> Thanks,
> Ron

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