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From Per Olesen <>
Subject Re: Quick help on Cassandra please: cluster access and performance
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 18:20:43 GMT
Hi Wei,

> 1) I found this: the 2 node is slower (30%) than one node in both of write and select.
Is this normal? (In theory, 2 nodes should be faster than one?). I monitroing the 2 nodes
and found tehy are working and flush often (so, 2 nodes works)

Which consistency level are you using for read and write and what is your replication factor
set to? If you have RF=2 and write and read with QUORUM, cassandra need to do more work on
each operation (but you get replicas in return).

Also: Are you running both nodes on the same host / same disks or on physically separate hw?

>  2)I am using Java. When I connect to  nodes of  Cassandra cluster, I am using one node's
IP address as connection. Is this OK? Should I use the cluster name (Like Oracle RAC)?

You are doing the correct thing. You just connect to any node in the cluster that is up.

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