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From Bram van der Waaij <>
Subject How to get previous / next data?
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 10:01:08 GMT

We want to use cassandra to store and retrieve time related data. Storing
the time-value pairs is easy and works perfectly. The problem arrives at
retrieving the data. We do not only want to retrieve data from within a time
range, but also be able to get the previous and/or next data sample from a
specific point in time.

The next in time i can retrieve by giving asking for the range
timestamp...maxtime and request for 2 items. Which returns timestamp (if
available) and the next timestamp-value.

Does anybody know how i can retrieve the previous timestamp? The columns are
sorted on the key(timestamp), so the previous request/next should not be a
difficult to perform.

Any suggestions are welcome!


Bram van der Waaij

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