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From Robert Coli <>
Subject Re: Hintedhandoff will never complete when a BIG rowmutation
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 15:58:58 GMT
On 6/28/10 3:29 AM, Lu Ming wrote:
> Every one hour HintedHandOffManager will check hintedhandoff
> ColumnFamily then send out the big rowmutations to alive nodes,
> It fails again because of the TimeoutException, so the task will never
> finish and the big rowmutation is sending again and again.
> In multi-datacenters, a big rowmutation can not be transferred in
> several seconds. so It is a potential risk when a big rowmutation occurs.
This is one of the several reasons that folks using Cassandra in
production often wire Hinted Handoff off via the storage-conf.xml
tunables, which I gather are now (0.6) per-keyspace resolution. [1]

Another unpleasant possible consequence of the current implementation is
the following scenario :

a) Nodes A, B, C are responsible for a range.
b) Node A experiences a load spike and becomes non-responsive.
c) Nodes B and C take over A's read *AND WRITE* load, as they are
writing Hints via Hinted Handoff. [2]
d) The additional load on node B (due in part to the current relatively
inefficient current implementation of HH [3]) causes enough thrash for
node B to become unresponsive.
e) Node C now starts storing hints for node B in addition to its node A
hints (and 3x its normal read traffic!), which encourages its own meltdown.


[2] This could be slightly mitigated by using CL.ANY, which would write
to coordinating nodes, which there are more of than replica nodes.

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