You are right, but I have the feeling that this is a different use cases, i.e. we have a happy case (eventuality when everything is up and working) and not so happy one to say.
Best regards, Daniel.

2010/5/5 Peter Schüller <scode@spotify.com>
>    I have one question about the eventuality, i.e. do you know what are the
> variables from which it depends. Well the most obvoius is the
> ConsistencyLevel, so lets assume it is set to ONE. The question is that the
> eventuallity is the relative time to spread changes across the cassandra
> nodes. I suspect that the most important variables are  the network latency
> and utilization (number of replicas) and number of concurrent requests from
> clients, I think the other variables like CPU power and memory are not so
> important. Do you have practical observations about this topic. Thank you
> very much!

Don't forget nodes going down. The "ONE" node that took your write
could have gone down immediately afterwards. "Eventually" can be a
significant period into the future.

/ Peter Schuller aka scode