Hi all...  I am trying to feed a specific list of Cassandra column names in as input to a Hadoop process, but for some reason it only feeds in some of the columns I specify, not all.

This is a short description of the problem - I'll see if anyone might have some insight before I dump a big load of code on you...

1.  I've uploaded a bunch of data into Cassandra; the column names as longs (dates, basically) converted to byte[8].

2.  I can successfully set a SlicePredicate using setSlice_range to return all the data for a set of columns.

3.  However, if I instead call setColumn_names on the SlicePredicate, only some of the specified columns get fed into Hadoop.

4.  This faulty behavior is repeatable, with the same columns going missing each time for the same input parameters.

5.  For the values that fail, I've made fairly certain that the value for the column name is getting inserted successfully, and that the exact same column name is specified in the call to setColumn_names.

Any clues?