Hi all, I need to help to understand how DCQUORUM works.

This is my setup:

- Cluster with 3 Cassandra Nodes
- RF = 3
- ReplicatePlacementStrategy = RackUnawareStrategy

My test:
- I write/read with DCQUORUM

- While the 3 nodes are UP, all my writes and read succeed. (the nodes are reached, and the third one -to complete the RF=3- is done my replication, right?)
- When I killed one node, the test FAILED with UnavailableException
- When I performed the same test but with QUORUM instead of DCQUORUM, It succeeded.

Could someone explain please why reads and writes with DCQUORUM worked fine while the 3 nodes were up and running but failed when 1 was down even thouch I have only one Data Center?

Thanks in advance