My data is single row/key to a 500 byte column and I’m reading ALL random keys (worst case read scenario)  Cache has minimal effectiveness, so the Bloom trees and indexes are getting a real work out.  I’m on 8GB Ubuntu 9.10 boxes (64bit).  Yea, I was griping about the performance earlier, disk is heavily used by Cassandra, so outside of going to some highend SAS stuff, not sure what to do.


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Subject: Re: performance tuning - where does the slowness come from?


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Have you actually managed to get 10K reads/second, or are you just estimating that you can?  I’ve run into similar issues, but I never got reads to scale when searching for unique keys even using 40 threads, I did discover that using 80+ threads, I can actually reduce performance.  I’ve never gotten more than 200-300 reads/second (steady state) off a 4 cluster node.  I can get roughly 8K writes/second to the same cluster (although I haven’t tested both simultaneously with results worth talking about).


200-300/s is pretty low, especially if you can get 8k writes/s.  I would estimate that you should be getting at least a couple thousand reads/s.  Here is what I've gotten from a quad core machine with two disks:


How much data are you testing with?