No, we use SimpleCassie ( as client api.

We just run 8 scripts from 8 console at one time. They connect to server via host:port

2010/4/2 Jonathan Ellis <>
Are you using a thrift connection object from more than one thread?

On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Sokolov Evgeniy <> wrote:
> Hello! Can you help me? We test cassandra and got strange results. We
> started cassandra on one server with 2GB RAM, limit memory for cassandra to
> 512Mb and set 1 million simple records (160 byte length). First, when we
> store data throught 8 scripts from another server, we got several exceptions
> linked to socket error. This is not fatal for us at that time. Second error
> more fatal and strange :(
> We get data throught 8 php scripts, started at one time. And got error:
> "Trying to get property of non-objectcatched exception". And then cassandra
> return data, that we not stored for this keys.
> What's wrong?
> When we start just one script - we hasn't any errors.