Think I got a bug in Cassandra. Do you also think it's a bug?

It should be noted that I experience this bug when using cassandra through thrift's php api (the low-level one generated by thrift, not some high-level from the cassandra wiki).

It happens when i insert a supercolumn (with a single column "bar") under key "foo", and then delete the supercolumn (under the same key).

After that if I insert the same supercolumn (with the same column) under key "foo" then I'm not able to retrieve it (the entire supercolumn).

However I am able to retrieve the single column "bar" within the supercolumn.

So If I try to retrieve the entire supercolumn then I get "notfoundexception", but if I wanna fetch the single column "bar" within the supercolumn, then that's fine.

Also this problem dissapears if I stop cassandra and remove log+data, meaning that after that I can insert the same supercolumn and then retrieve the entire supercolumn.

I have pasted some code on pasterbin that you can look at to get a specific idea of it.