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Thanks, Roland

2010/4/29 Jonathan Ellis <>
2010/4/29 Roland Hänel <>:
> Imagine the following rule: if we are in doubt whether to repair a column
> with timestamp T (because two values X and Y are present within the cluster,
> both at timestamp T), then we always repair towards X if md5(X)<md5(Y). In
> this case, even after an inconsistency on the first insert, this would be
> cleared by any node that triggers a repair afterwards.
> And then you're done: a Cassandra can create a unique transaction ID by
> inserting a column with the ID this clients wants to grab as key, and some
> random stuff as value, then the clients reads the just inserted column, and
> if the ID and the same random stuff is there - voila, the ID is unique for
> this client.

That sounds like an excellent idea to me.  Can you create a ticket for
that at ?

Jonathan Ellis
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