1) you can re-balance a node with

     bin/nodetool -h <host> token [<new-token>]

specify a new token manually or let the system guess one.

2) take a look into your system.log to find out why your nodes are dying.

2010/4/26 刘兵兵 <rucbing@gmail.com>
i do some INSERT ,because i will do some scan operations, i use the OrderPreservingPartition method.

the state of the cluster is showed below.

as i predicated the load is very imbalance, and some of the nodes down (in some nodes,the Cassandra processes died and in others the processes are

alive but they still down),

so i have two questions:

1)how to do balance after the insert ends?
2)why the nodes died? how to make them up again (when the situation is that the process is alive but the node'state is down)

thx  Up         47.65 GB      0p6ovvUXMJ4cdd1L                           |<--|  Up         67.41 GB      5OxiS2DKBZLeISPg                          |   ^  Up         67.54 GB      7UDcS0SToePuQACe                         v   |  Up         555 bytes     OCvC3nqKLeKA5n0I                           |   ^  Up         830 bytes     SJp6cQRNox52av2Y                           v   |  Up         830 bytes     SxVmCVcruOpoS48B                           |   ^  Up         555 bytes     TGctCMvfNuRo7RjS                           v   |  Up         555 bytes     j2smY0OOtQ0SeeHY                           |   ^  Up         830 bytes     jNwBPchW58i5tGxp                           v   |  Up         830 bytes     jYWaJC93OyMdWDaN                           |   ^  Up         830 bytes     mPwhLOsKlbPart6j                           v   |  Up         830 bytes     noh0t8HJgw4hmz7I                           |   ^  Up         555 bytes     q8c8SPYEkWEzmFcR                           v   |  Up         555 bytes     rIuuq3AR4DVK989X                           |   ^  Up         555 bytes     smebTmIvQBMG56Zf                           v   |  Up         555 bytes     tWTYyiqAKQVw7197                           |   ^  Up         830 bytes     uVdBQkR9Dszm5deK                           v   |  Up         555 bytes     xXQkDQn1vvg8e1xS                           |   ^  Up         555 bytes     yQRrq9RG2dUsHUyR                           |-->|

Bingbing Liu

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