I got the idea for this from:



I put my keyspace setup on a webserver, and I pull it into the config like this:


storage-conf.xml  starts with:


<!DOCTYPE storage [

<!-- include all these entities from external files-->

<!ENTITY seeds          SYSTEM "http://cassandraconfig /seeds.xml">

<!ENTITY autobootstrap  SYSTEM "http://cassandraconfig /autobootstrap.xml">

<!ENTITY bumblekeyspace SYSTEM "http://cassandraconfig /bumblekeyspace.xml">

<!ENTITY listenaddress  SYSTEM "listenaddress.xml">

<!ENTITY directories    SYSTEM "directories.xml">



Then further down:





I didn’t want to have to edit lots of files….



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Hi all,

this tells us to stop and start Cassandra ...

I hope  we are not asked to  stop whole cluster ... Can we proceed node after node  ?


( But how cluster  could handle different config.xml files ?)


2010/4/2 Gary Dusbabek <gdusbabek@gmail.com>


The wiki gives an outline of how to do this:


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> when adding/changing a column to a column family for existing data in
> cassandra, what's a good way to do it?
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