Seems like this would be pretty easy to build on top of the proxy stuff that was recently mentioned. I don't see a reason why you couldn't just store key/blob-in-column to get running quickly. Might make for a pretty interesting clustered queue system as well, which has been mentioned before on the list as well.

In other words, Cassandra is quickly becoming the hammer to everyone's cluster nails. :)


On Apr 4, 2010, at 12:47 PM, Paul Prescod wrote:

Many Cassandra implementations seem to be memcached+X migrations, and some might be replacing memcached alone. Has anyone considered making a protocol handler or proxy that would allow Cassandra to talk the memached binary protocol?

jmemcached + Cassandra = easy migration?

I have barely started to consider the impedance mismatch issues, but the most glaring one is that the memcached namespace is flat, whereas Cassandra's has several levels of nesting. I think that this could be managed through configuration files. Either the user could map all Memcached stuff to a single ColumnFamily, or they could define a convention for splitting their keys based on special namespace characters like ":" or "_". The user could say how to interpret keys without enough parts (i.e. whether to treat the missing part as the keyspace or the columnfamily).

 Paul Prescod