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From Philippe <>
Subject Re: Two dimensional matrices
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 22:45:04 GMT
> > However, you are also saying there is no way to also take into account
> > the "timeFrame" supercolumn in the same API call ? IE, it is not
> > possible to get back a data structure keyed by
> > 'key,supercolumn,column' hence y,x and timeframe which I can then
> > process to my heart's delight ?
> If you're talking about constructing predicates to slice on both time
> *and* X coordinate, then no. You can omit the super column name from the
> ColumnParent and return a slice of super columns (by time period)
> complete with all contained sub-columns, but you can't have it both
> ways, no.

Eric, I'm trying to get my head around this...

If I "omit the super column name" and do the query as you mentionned in your
previous email, then you are saying it will return all columns corresponding
to the column range of all super columns corresponding to the key range.
This means it is possible to get a rectangular slice of the grid AND to get
the "third dimension" which is time in my case, the only catch being that I
cannot limit the amount of data retrieved in the 3rd dimension (timeframe).

Is this correct ?


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