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From banks <>
Subject Integrity of batch_insert and also what about sharding?
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 22:41:21 GMT
1. I have a farm of web servers, two of them write the same supercolumn full
of various data (day 100 columns), can the various columns end up mixed and
matched within the super column? I know there is no real form of
transaction, but if i'm using batch_insert do they all go in consistent?  or
is it a race against the batch insert on the other machine where various
columns from both machines may end up mixed and matched?

2. each cassandra node essentially has the same datastore as all nodes,
correct?  So if I've got 3 terabytes of data and 3 cassandra nodes I'm
eating 9tb on the SAN?  are there provisions for essentially sharding across
nodes... so that each node only handles a given keyrange, if so where is the
howto on that?

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