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From Ben Standefer <>
Subject EC2, XFS, and ec2-consistent-snapshot with Cassandra
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 23:14:44 GMT
On EC2, it is common and recommended (
to use XFS's freeze/thaw functionality to create near-online snapshots of an
EBS volume for MySQL snapshots.

"Besides being a stable, modern, high performance, journaling file system,
XFS supports file system freeze/thaw which is extremely useful for ensuring
a consistent state during EBS snapshots."

I've implemented this with MySQL before, and it worked extremely well (miles
beyond mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy).  On a given node, you sacrifice a short
period of availability (less than 0.5 seconds) to get a full, consistent
snapshot of your EBS volume that can be sent off to S3 in the background,
after the filesystem has unlocked and disk activity has resumed.  Has
anybody tried implementing this with a Cassandra cluster?  What are the
issues you ran into?  How did it compare with using Cassandra's "nodetool

I think I could do this on a running node with a 0.5 second timeout.  The
XFS docs state "Any process attempting to write to the frozen filesystem
will block  waiting  for  the  filesystem  to  be unfrozen."  Having writes
block on a node for <0.5s sounds like something the Cassandra would handle

The Cassandra docs state "You can get an eventually consistent backup by
flushing all nodes and snapshotting; no individual node's backup is
guaranteed to be consistent but if you restore from that snapshot then
clients will get eventually consistent behavior as usual."  This lead me to
believe that as long as I have snapshot each node in the cluster within a
reasonable window (say 2 hours), I'd be able to bring the entire cluster
back with a guarantee that it is consistent up to the point where the
snapshot window began.

I realize one of Cassandra's design goals is redundancy and high
availability.  I'm not worried about our entire infrastructure collapsing
and having to restore backups because of massive node failure.  I want to
backup so that a bad logic bug in our app (ie messing up the timestamps) or
Cassandra itself deletes or corrupts data in our Cassandra cluster.


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