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From "Campbell, Joseph" <>
Subject Question about a potential configuration scenario
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 14:21:26 GMT
	It is possible to setup Cassandra such that 2 independent
Cassandra rings/clusters replicate to one another, ensuring that each
ring/cluster has at least 1 copy of all the data on each ring/cluster?

The setup is like this:
	2 Data centers, one in Philadelphia and another in Denver.  In
each data center there exists a Cassandra ring/cluster.  Each data
center is being used as a live-live origin (meaning both data centers
are in use at any point in time).  I would like to be able to guarantee
that in the event that one or the other of the data centers goes down
that 'ALL' the available data in that failed data center is also
available in the other data center such that traffic to the origin
website that depends on the data can simply be switched over to the
other site (Using Akamai, or other tools).  Is this type of
configuration possible/available in Cassandra?  If so how would you set
it up, and what might some of the draw backs be?

	Joe Campbell

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but it takes skill to get hit by a PARKED car.
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