I have this:
SocialAds.Anonimos['145']['Tag']['12'] = 13

I would need to to

SocialAds.Anonimos['145']['Tag']['12'] += 1

for example

with that, would be enough for now....

I don't want to retrieve the value, do 13+1 in my code, and re-set() it to 14

El 17 de marzo de 2010 16:28, Juan Manuel García del Moral <> escribió:
I have this:
SocialAds.Anonimos['145']['Tag']['12'] =

2010/3/17 Ted Zlatanov <>

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:05:48 -0300 Juan Manuel García del Moral <> wrote:

JMGdM> So I would have to retrieve (client.get()) the value, then
JMGdM> increment it and update it (client.set()) again? with the
JMGdM> inconsistency risk this two operations imply...

Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish?  Maybe there's a way
to accomplish it without atomic operations.