Hi List,

I was attempting to play around with Cassandra last month using the example of the OpenStreetMap database as a target to frame my learning. Now that I have a little extra time to start this endeavor again, I'm wondering if you could help me understand how the OpenStreetMap data model could fit into the Cassandra model.

A quick overview of the data model I have in mind:
1. There is a "node" which has:
     - Location (lat/lon)
     - Numeric id 
     - Tags (list of key/value pairs)
2. A "way" has:
     - An ordered list of "node"
     - Numeric id
     - Tags (list of key/value pairs)

There is one step beyond this, but I'm wondering if you could help me fit this simple first step into Cassandra.

My queries would be something like the following:
1. What are the nodes in a given bounding box, what are the ways attached to those nodes?
2. What are the tags and nodes for a way with a Numeric id of x?
3. What are the nodes that have a tag key of "foo"? How about nodes that have "foo" = "bar"?

Thanks in advance!