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From Weijun Li <>
Subject Re: Strategy to delete/expire keys in cassandra
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 21:43:52 GMT
Hi Sylvain,

I applied your patch to 0.5 but it seems that it's not compilable:

1) column.getTtl() is no defined in
public static RowMutation getRowMutation(String table, String key,
Map<String, List<ColumnOrSuperColumn>> cfmap)
        RowMutation rm = new RowMutation(table, key.trim());
        for (Map.Entry<String, List<ColumnOrSuperColumn>> entry :
            String cfName = entry.getKey();
            for (ColumnOrSuperColumn cosc : entry.getValue())
                if (cosc.column == null)
                    assert cosc.super_column != null;
                    for (org.apache.cassandra.service.Column column :
                        rm.add(new QueryPath(cfName,,, column.value, column.timestamp, column.getTtl());
                    assert cosc.super_column == null;
                    rm.add(new QueryPath(cfName, null,,
cosc.column.value, cosc.column.timestamp, cosc.column.getTtl());
        return rm;

2) Column.setTtl() is not defined.
if (column instanceof ExpiringColumn)

3) type mismatch for ColumnParent
thriftClient_.insert(tableName, key, new ColumnParent(columnFamily,
                             new Column(columnName, value.getBytes(),
System.currentTimeMillis()), ConsistencyLevel.ONE);

It seems that the patch doesn't add getTtl()/setTtl() stuff to


-----Original Message-----
> From: Sylvain Lebresne []
> Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2010 2:23 AM
> To: Weijun Li
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Strategy to delete/expire keys in cassandra
> Hi,
> > Should I just run command (in Cassandra 0.5 source folder?) like:
> > patch –p1 –i  0001-Add-new-ExpiringColumn-class.patch
> > for all of the five patches in your ticket?
> Well, actually I lied. The patches were made for a version a little after
> 0.5.
> If you really want to try, I attach a version of those patches that
> (should)
> work with 0.5 (There is only the 3 first patch, but the fourth one is for
> tests so not necessary per se). Apply them with your patch command.
> Still, to compile that you will have to regenerate the thrift java
> interface
> (with ant gen-thrift-java), but for that you will have to install the right
> svn revision of thrift (which is libthrift-r820831 for 0.5). And if you
> manage to make it work, you will have to digg in cassandra.thrift as it
> make
> change to it.
> In the end, remember that this is not an official patch yet and it *will
> not* make it in Cassandra in its current form. All I can tell you is that I
> need those expiring columns for quite some of my usage and I will do what I
> can to make this feature included if and when possible.
> > Also what’s your opinion on extending ExpiringColumn to expire a key
> > completely? Otherwise it will be difficult to track what are expired
> > or old rows in Cassandra.
> I'm not sure how to make full rows (or even full superColumns for that
> matter) expire. What if you set a row to expire after some time and add new
> columns before this expiration ? Should you update the expiration of the
> row
> ? Which is to say that a row will expires when it's last column expire,
> which is almost what you get with expiring column.
> The one thing you may want though is that when all the columns of a row
> expire (or, to be precise, get physically deleted), the row itself is
> deleted. Looking at the code, I'm not convince this happen and I'm not sure
> why.
> --
> Sylvain

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