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From Charlie Mason <>
Subject Re: Which client API to choose?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 19:35:03 GMT
On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 5:07 PM, Peter Chang <> wrote:
> Hector is the way to go if you're using java. I'm using it right now and
> it's made things worlds easier.
> The reason why it wasn't bundled was because it's a separate and relatively
> new project. I think it's under a month old and it was done by a lone
> developer (Ran). Also, the Cassandra project wants to be able to give you
> options on which clients to use but (so far) hasn't sanctioned any as THE
> option which is fine.. it's just respecting the layers of abstraction.
> There was also another project here announced recently you can find
> at which is basically object-cassandra
> mapping. I suggest you look into this for a more friendly user experience. I
> haven't used it personally for myself yet but I've personally implemented
> something similar along these lines to abstract my POJOs to Cassandra.

Full disclosure - I am the author of OCM :)

OCM is a more user friendly layer built on top of Hector. It designed
to make some common client use cases a lot simpler. If its a good fit
with what you are looking for then by all means use it. As far as I
know its about the highest level interface currently available for
Java. At its most basic level you use the generated classes like Java
Beans to read and write the objects' fields. Then use the Load and
Save methods to sync it with Cassandra. Its got a few more features
than that but you get the idea.

If you find it too high level then definitely go with Hector. You
loose so little over using the Thrift interface directly I can't
imagine a reason not to use it. Even if something you need is missing
it would be a lot better to add it to Hector than to use Thrift

Charlie M

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