Maybe I have to tell that we are very eager to evaluate NoSQL approaches and for a simple case we want evaluate and compare each approaches.

In our case actually our data has not been denormalized yet and we are suffering from a lot of joins. And because of very much updates in joined tables we have a great performance problems in some situations. Another difficulty we are dealing with is scaling problem. By now we have been using master slaves model but in near future it seems that we will come across a lot of problems.

By the way I tried to find an article about use cases, pros and cons of each NoSQL solution but I could not find a detailed explanation about them. 


On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 10:15 AM, Nathan McCall <nate@vervewireless.com> wrote:
The workload you originally described does not sound like a difficult
job for a relational database. Do you have any more information on the
specifics of your access patterns and where you feel that an RDBMS
might fall short?