what the purpose of pending task attribute value. In my case I've written a multi threaded client to insert a large dataset in cassandra. So I check the numbers in Jconsole.

I see the write latency : ~0.02 ~0.07
Writecount up

but the pending task stay to 0. This params is not affected by not insertion.

By the way my problem is that I can't achieve to have better insert than 75 rows/s per thread. which ridiculous for cassandra. But more strange is that i can add more thread like 10 or 20 each of them work exactly to 75 rows/s

so here I'm lost 1 thread > 75 rows /s
                        5 threads > 75 * 5 rows /s

Someone can explain the logical here
I use the 0.5.0-beta1 from tags