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From Ted Zlatanov <>
Subject Re: Cassandra access control
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 22:34:23 GMT
I posted the first attempt (with a default AllowAll backend) as a patch:

Important changes in the Thrift interface:

# invalid authentication request (user does not exist or credentials invalid)
exception AuthenticationException {
    1: required string why

# invalid authorization request (user does not have access to keyspace)
exception AuthorizationException {
    1: required string why


struct AuthenticationRequest {
    1: required map<string, string> credentials,

service Cassandra {
  # auth methods
  # authentication
  void login(1:required AuthenticationRequest auth_request) throws (1:AuthenticationException
  # authorization
  void setKeyspace(1:required string keyspace) throws (1:AuthorizationException azx),
  string getKeyspace(),

When I generated the Java files, I got compilation errors on some
unrelated stuff but the auth code will at least compile, and should be
100% backwards compatible as discussed.  I only looked for the string
"keyspace" so I may have missed some places.  Please let me know what
you think.


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