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From Kristian Lunde <>
Subject Social network feed/wall question
Date Sun, 22 Nov 2009 22:55:57 GMT
I am currently building a social network application where one of the  
important features is a feed / wall (Something similar to the Facebook  
wall). We will have several feeds, one for each profile and one for  
each group and so on.  I have looked into using Cassandra for storing  
this, but I am not sure I am on the right track regarding my "schema".

My thoughs was that the schema would be similar to this

Feed [SuperColumn]
	- Row [user id as identifier]
		- type
		- timestamp
		- message
		- url

Each user would have his own feed super column and store all feed  
items related to him in this super column. I am not sure this is the  
best idea, since it creates an insane amount of writes whenever  
someone writes to their wall (this will have to write the feed of all  
his friends). Also I read in this thread

  that super columns are not suited for > 60k rows in a super column.

What would be the optimal way of storing a set of feeds in cassandra?

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