How to manually select tokens to force equal spacing of tokens around the hash space?
If RandomPartitioner is used a token is a BigInteger, so there are no [0, Max value] interval to select token values from.
If everything is left to defaults, a token is a random number (hash of GUID) so these 10 generated tokens will not be evenly spaced on the ring.
Suppose I have X nodes, what would be correct token values?

Let's assume that #1 was resolved somehow and key distribution is more or less even.
A new node "C" joins the cluster. It's token falls somewhere between two other tokens on the ring (from nodes "A" and "B" clockwise-ordered). From now on "C" is responsible for a portion of data that used to exclusively belong to "B".
a. Cassandra v.0.4 will not automatically transfer this data to "C" will it?
b. Do all reads to these keys fail?
c. What happens with the data reference by these keys on "B"? It will never be accessed there, therefor it becomes garbage. Since there are to GC will it stick forever?
d. What happens to replicas of these keys?