Hi All,
I'm going to go ahead and be "that guy", here. I haven't been involved in this process at all yet. So, it's probably too late to voice this opinion. But, I'm going to go for it anyway.
I'm not a huge fan of any of the selections on the ballot. The eye image seems like something of a non-sequitor to me. I'm not sure exactly how it relates to the project. While some of the typography in the selections is nice, none of them really stand out as appropriate graphic design for this project.
#403, on the other hand, seems more appropriate. It has fun, approachable type. The iconography says "cloud", which is a more relevant message. It also has a bit of a web 2.0 feeling. Like the term or not, the roots of the cassandra project are in so called web 2.0 companies. Moreover, I find #403 has a more approachable feel than any of the selections on the ballot.
Again, I realize it's probably too late to bring this up. But, it was worth a shot. I hope you all will consider it.
Here's my ballot:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ Ballot }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 [  ] 2    http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/002
 [  ] 30   http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/030
 [2 ] 32   http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/032
 [9 ] 33   http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/033
 [3 ] 90   http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/090
 [4 ] 173  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/173
 [6 ] 175  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/175
 [5 ] 291  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/291
 [  ] 369  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/369
 [  ] 478  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/478
 [7 ] 576  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/576
 [8 ] 598  http://99designs.com/contests/28940/entries/598
 [1 ] NOTA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ Ballot }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~