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From Teodor Sigaev <>
Subject Re: Cassandra restart
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 14:23:27 GMT
> Does this still happen after a few dozen queries to
Hmm. it depends of downtime and how long it worked before restart. If both times 
is rather small then errors/timeouts go away after ten minutes. If at least one 
of that times is greater than half an hour then full restoration could take more 
than several hours.

> It looks like .40 is finding the key and trying to send it back, so
> one possibility is that .40's pooled socket to .38 hasn't realized
> that .38 was restarted, so the first few messages might get lost
> before it reconnects.

Downtime was long enough, all live nodes say by 'nodeprobe cluster' that .38 is 

It works well after restarting whole cluster.

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