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From Sal Fuentes <>
Subject Re: Got Logo?
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2009 04:09:36 GMT
Glad to see someone take charge on this. This sounds like a great idea.

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Eric Evans <> wrote:

> I've watched evolve
> and can't see anything approaching consensus. I can think of two reasons
> for this, 1) it is subjective and tastes vary, and 2) there aren't any
> logos that strike a chord in the community. I'm betting that in fact
> it's a bit of both, so...
> I propose we widen the field a bit and run a contest on I
> am volunteering to setup and administer the contest, and Rackspace has
> graciously offered to front the cost.
> Once we've widened the field a bit, I propose we call a vote, but
> instead of the typical show of +1s, we use the condorcet method
> instead.
> The condorcet voting system is ideal for this sort of thing because it
> takes all of your preferences into account, not just the choice you
> prefer most. Condorcet is good at finding the best compromise; it's
> possible to have a winner that is no ones first choice, but is the least
> disagreeable to the majority. Wikipedia has a decent page on condorcet
> voting (, and there is at
> least one online application that we could use
> (
> What does everyone think?
> --
> Eric Evans

Salvador Fuentes Jr.

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