commit efc9b60686595c6a6107c865e7eaca7972edf5d0
using this commit
 bin/cassandra -f
Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8888
DEBUG - Loading settings from bin/../conf/storage-conf.xml
ERROR - Fatal error: ColumnSort is no longer an accepted attribute.  Use CompareWith instead.
Bad configuration; unable to start server

the same commit works in a different server, how do i debug this?

commit efc9b60686595c6a6107c865e7eaca7972edf5d0
Author: Eric Evans <>
Date:   Tue Jul 21 17:40:35 2009 +0000

    add perl namespace to thrift interface

    Patch by Anthony Molinaro; reviewed by eevans for CASSANDRA-310