I'm really inspired by the presentation you provide, thanks!

I should refresh my mind in the NoSQL world.

2009/8/13 Michael Koziarski <michael@koziarski.com>
> Pagination is an extremely common use case scenario in web app programming.
> almost every web app need “one to many” data model. when the “many” part is
> too many to fit in one page, paginate is the best way to resolve it. in most
> case, we don't need query or sort the result in a complicated way. we just
> need save them in time or alphabetic order, view first 20 records and
> provide an paginator at the bottom for the others. this is one reason
> why enhanced
> key-value(pure k-v db is too sample and relational db is too
> comprehensive, we need something between them) database coming popular
> recent year.

You can still build a one to many list with cassandra, you just can't
paginate it the way you're expecting.

I'd recommend reading this presentation:


I found it really interesting and made the changes to the
pagination-related APIs in cassandra make a lot more sense.