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From John Doe <>
Subject Re: thrift+cassandra on RedHat 5...
Date Thu, 23 Jul 2009 09:44:39 GMT
From: Anthony Molinaro <>
> The problem you are having with thrift has to do with autoconf and automake
> being older versions than work with thrift.  I worked around this by 
> copying the macros from newer installs and adding them to an acsite.m4
> file.  I've attached the file, so if you just drop it into the root
> of the thrift disto it should bootstrap without errors.
> Let me know if you have other issues, I've spent the last few weeks
> packaging up rpms for thrift and cassandra for centos-5 at work, so
> can probably get you over build issues.

Cool, no more configure error messages.
It still fails when make enters the test directory (missing DebugProtoTest_types.cpp) but
I can still run make install...
One day I will have to take the time to learn to make specs files too... ^_^

Thx a lot,


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