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From Michal Michalski <>
Subject Re: PasswordAuthenticator
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2013 06:01:06 GMT
Don't you have a default "cassandra" user in system_auth.users?

cqlsh> SELECT * from system_auth.users ;

  name      | super
  cassandra |  True

It should be created on startup and you should see this in your logs:

"PasswordAuthenticator created default user cassandra"

However, if it fails, you should see this:

"Skipped default superuser setup: some nodes were not ready"

Do you have any of these messages in your log?


W dniu 05.06.2013 17:19, Michael Hanl pisze:
> Hello,
> Based on several examples online I was trying to use the
> PasswordAuthenticator on our project nodes.
> Although setting it up with the version 1.2.5 of cassandra was not that
> difficult, I cannot seem to get access neither in cqlsh nor in the CLI.
> Having a look at the filesystem and the schema tables (nodetool) that
> the respective column families have been created with the startup of
> cassandra, but there is no default user, which of course I need to setup
> my own users.
> I tried several repairs with the nodetool already, but obviously when
> there are no data in the column family, repair is kind of useless.
> I hope someone has an idea (besides writing my own authentiction
> interface implementation).
> Kind regards,
> Michael Hanl

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